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Sudak is a wonderful town, with the ancient Genoese Fortress towering over it, offers the longest swimming season on the coast, sandy beaches and an incredible number of ideas for active and sometimes even extreme rest.


Beches:  sandy. The season is the longest on the coast due to the shallow seabed and a very nice sheltering from the winds.

Distance from Simferopol (airport): 113 km

Distance from Kerch (ferry): 169 km


What to do in Sudak:

  • Explore the Genoese fortress, the largest and most well-preserved one in the northern Black Sea region. See the redoubtable picturesque citadel is towering over the city.

  • Participate in one of the autentic festivals in the Genoese fortress “Surozhsk Guestss” or "Genoese Helmet". Historical festivals, reconstructions of military battles, medieval crafts fair are being held in the castle the whole summer.


Find churches of different confessions: the  Muslim mosque, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church, the Greek Church, as well as an amazing temple, which for almost a thousand years of history and changed its predestination from a Catholic church to  mosque, from the Lutheran Church to Armenian Catholic Church.

Visit the  small authentic museums, created with lots of love by citizens: the Museum of Crimean Tatar culture, Museum of Books, Museum of Sudak History.

See the slopes of Kapselskoy bay covered with capers. The bay is famous for its crystal clear water, which attracts divers and scuba divers, snorkeling amateurs.

Editors’ choice


  • Sandy beach and shallow seabed perfectly matches your rest with kids. Local water park should be on your vacation list too. There is one more modern in Koktebel which you can visit as well.

  • Have a one-day trip to Novyi Svet and walk along the picturesque Golitsyn's path,  expolre the grots and caves, enjoy the Tsar Beach. Then taste wonderful sparkling wines  at the famous winery by Knyaz (similar to Duke) Golitsyn the «Novyi Svet».

  • Have a one-day trip to  Koktebel too! Enjoy the unique creative atmosphere, visit the hospitable Voloshin's house, ride quad bikes over the hills, or go on a water excursion around the mystery mountain Karadag

  • Go on a hiking tour to Meganom Cape, try yourself the way therapeutic blue clay heals, dive on a popular  deep-water site "Meganom", climb the Ai-George  mountain to reach the holy spring, get mountain training on the Alchak mountain, try bungee on the mountain lake in the Panagia tract or choose one of the dozens of exciting trips to the wonderful scenic places around Sudak.

  • Come and see the eldest wine cellar in Crimea, a part of former Potemkin savings, a wine museum, which contains historic exhibits  of viniculture and winemaking of Sudak.

  • Don’t forget to visit a huge plateau with vineyards, located near the Magenome Cape, where in 1888 Knyaz Golitsyn founded the "Sunny Valley" winery.

  • Try delicios wine from the sweetest place of Crimea, mysterious Arkhaderesse.


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