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The most well-known and popular resort of Crimea attracts its guests all-year-round not only with the ancient palaces and picturesque landscapes. Thanks to the unique arid subtropical climate and medical combination of mountain and sea air, saturated with conifer forests’ phytoncids, the staying on the south cost of Crimea itself gives health without any special health improvement procedures.

From Simferopol (airport):  100 km

From Kerch (crossing): 220 км 

Beaches:  cobblestone, breakwaters.
Massandrovsky beach is the most popular beach in Yalta. During summertime, there are more than 10 theme cafés and restaurants, music festivals and children feasts are held, in the evening famous DJs and musicians are performing there. 

What to do in Yalta:

  • Find time for literature impressions and visit one of the small Yalta’s museums, dedicated to renowned writers, who used to live there: Chehov’s, Lesja Ukrainka’s, Birjukov’s memorial houses and also Pushkin’s memorial house in Gurzuf.

  • Devote a day to the Ai-Petri mountain’s trip, which rises above the city. Make a stop near Uchan-su waterfall, Silver summerhouse and some other observation grounds. To dine in one of the Crimean-Tartar restaurant on the top, buy herbal tea and rose petals or pinecone jam, after getting impressions of the amazing view on the whole South coast of Crimea, is a must.

  • Have a walk along the mountain footpaths near Yalta, enjoying medical coniferous air and outstanding landscapes, notwithstanding the season. One of the easiest ways is to rise to Uchan-su waterfall by a fixed-run taxi, pass Shtangeevskaja tropa to Botkinskaja tropa and go down to «Poljana skazok» («A fairy tale’s clearing») and back to Yalta. Unforgettable, because of its beauty, route will take 3,5-4 hours, including a halt on the scenic Stavrik-Ajja top. The route does not require any special training. More than a century ago the imperial family made such health paths in these places under the direction of caring, but demanding doctor Botkin.  

  • Visit Livadia Palace and The Vorontsov Palace, but only with the competent guide, otherwise you will not learn many interesting facts about these cult places.  

  • Go to the excursion and degustation to the Massandra plant, and see legendary Vorontsov’s wine cellars and appreciate the most famous Crimean wine.  

  • Plan half a day for a walk in a pictorial Nikitsky Botanical Garden, where, thanks to very devoted staff, rare and wonderful plants are flowering all-year-round, there are festivals of tulips, chrysanthemums, roses etc. starting in spring. During these days the whole square, in front of the main building, becomes a huge flowerbed with hundreds of different kinds of one and the same flower.    

  • Make a family journey to the Little farm – modern entertainment and creativity center for kids (a few kilometers from Yalta down the Semferopol highway), where you can visit children’s zoo, take part in work-shops and thematic creative activities. There is a kids’ day camp in the Little farm during summer.

The editorial staff recommends:

  • At the end of the vocation, on the way from Yalta to Semferopol or Kerch’s crossing, make a stop on Yalta - Alushta’s highway in a town Kiparisnoe, next to the vividly-designed store «Vino & syr» («Wine & cheese»). As for today, this wine cellar offers the widest choice of Crimean wines, specializing in author’s ones, which are produced in small number. There one can find wines by Pavel Shvec, Oleg Repin, Usadba Perovskih, new outputs of «Esse» and «Satera», wines by new up-to-date factory «Alma Velli» and other Crimean brands.

  • Consider Yalta, as a place of long-lasting stay, for both rest and health improving purposes during autumn-spring period, after consulting your doctor. Today Yalta is one of the best Russian resorts for the treatment and health improving of lungs and respiratory tracts, due to its unique climate.  


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