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Here you won’t find any baches or subtropical parks. People come here from all around the globe to feel the atmosphere of the Middle Age. The city, surrounded by mountain ranges is worth seeing, not just spending a couple of hourse on an ordinary excursion but staying here for a couple of days, get your head around the spirit of an anicent city and by the way explore mysterious cave settleents and fantastically beautiful nature latndscapes in suburbs.



Distance from Simferopol (airport): 46 km

Distance from Kerch (ferry): 240 km

What to do in Bakhchysaray:


  • Join the excursion around The Khan's Palace, see the legendary harem, summer terrace, conference hall and learn some of the countless strories and legends concerning the palace and its hosts. There are more than 100 hundres exhibits: fabric, clothing, cutlery, woodeт ware and ceramic, in one word, everything, that Crimean tatrs used to eat and decorated their homes with. Moreover, you can find there rare books, printed in the first Karaim typography in Chufut-Kala.

  • During the walks along the old city and the palace, find all the 70 fountains of Bakhchisaray, including the well-known Fountain of Tears. But be careful, as the water is too cold to drink it, even in hot July.

  • Take a picture with the Bakhcisaray sphinxes, majestic and imposing rocks, guarding the valley as if they were stone giants. Climbimg contests are often held there.

  • Thoroughly explore the legendary fortress and cave settlement Chufut-Kale. The first Crimean typography was founded here and talented karaim masters and cfartsmen created wonderful jewellery here, and they never new epidemics. A slow pace ascent to the fortress, following thу old pathб passing the famous Svyato-Uspensky temple will take you about 2 hours. The game is worth the candle, as once you are up, you are sure to become a part of an ancient city, you will see the majestic karaim beautiful kenesas, the fantastic mountain view, hear the fascinationg stories.

  • Visit the house-museum dedicated to the man whose life and work were closely connected with Bakhchisarai, educator of the Crimean Tatar people Ismail Gasprinsky.

  • Fall in love with Crimean Tatar cuisine: amazing pilaf, juicy pasties and, of course, sweet baklava. recommends


  • In early summer, when lavender blooms, visit the lavender fielnds near Bakhchisaray

  • Visit at least one of the cave cities with a good guide: Bakla, Tepe-Kermen, Kyz-Kule, Calamita, Syuyren fortress, and those well-known Mangup-Kale, Eski-Kermen, Kachi-Kalon. Until now, scientists have not agreed who built these grand cave fortress with stairs, passages, loopholes and other wonders - the Scythians, Cimmerians, Tauri or maybe later medieval nations. But one thing is definitely clear, that such an adventure is a nice thing to remember.

  • Visit Tepe-Kerman during Easter. The cave fortress of the VIII century, carved into the rock face, there is one feature the window is irregularly shaped. The secret of this window was accidentally opened by historians. On the day of Easter, the rising sun shines through the window of the cave and on the opposite wall there appears the exact form of the cross.



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