Крымское ожерельеThis route is designed for active and and curious tourists, regardless of their age, time of year or their profession.


Cultural and educational tourism is becoming more and  popular in Russia every year. The interest to the cultural and historical heritage of the Crimean peninsula itself dictated the route guide for the "Crimean necklace" tour. The 5-day itinerary was created as a brand-name, so thus in a short time, tourists should get acquainted with the most famous and recognizable sights. The aim of the tour is to educate tourists have a sense of pride and love for the history of their Motherland, a part of which is the ancient and heroic history of the Crimea.

The route begins in Simferopol and passes through the towns of the south-western coast of Crimea - Yevpatoria, Saki, Sevastopol. The first 2 days the tourists live in a hotel in Yalta, and then 2 days on the southern coast of Crimea in Yalta. The journey takes place on a comfortable bus, accompanied by guides.

Крымское ожерелье

The program includes guided visiting of the most famous places in the Crimea; in Yevpatoriya - Mosque Juma Jami and Karaite kenasa, Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Museum "Audun Bazaar kapusy" with tasting of the eastern coffee.

On excursion to Sevastopol tourists will visit the ancient Chersonese, the cradle of Christianity of Kievan Rus, Museum Panorama,  the Monument to flooded ships and Count's Quay, on Sapun Mount and lay flowers at the memorial.

Крымское ожерелье


The ancient capital of the Crimean Khanate,  Bakhchisaray  will acquaint tourists with culture and life of the Crimean Tatars, the cave city of Calais, Monastery of the Assumption of Our Lady of the VI. BC  In a Crimean Tatar cafe guests will master class in sculpting chebureks.

On the southern coast of Crimea, in Yalta (3-5 days), tourists will see the symbol of Crimea - the Swallow's Nest, on the "nobility of the estate of Crimea" tour will visit Livadia and Vorontsov palaces. When leaving the airport visit  the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, and depending on the time of year look at the exhibition of tulips, roses and chrysanthemums ball.

"Crimean necklace" is a real  journey of experiences.




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