Южный берег, доступный каждомуThe tourist route "South Beach accessible to everyone" will allow tourists with disabilities get a good rest and see all the beauty of the Crimea without any inconveniences.

Breathe in the fresh and cool sea air in the "Ayvazovskoe" enjoying its green parks, under the shadow of relict trees. Turn back the clock by visiting the artsy Vorontsov’s palace with its huge park. Go up to transcendental heights of Mount Ai-Petri that immutable guards hovering over Yalta, and stroll through this city, swirl it in a kaleidoscope of its evening lights. Enjoy the flight and unprecedented freedom to the observation deck the Foros church. Stroll by boat, enjoying the tranquility and peace of the evening Balaclava.

Южный берег, доступный каждому

Duration of The program is 3 days / 2 nights

Crimea should be accessible to everyone, and our task is to show it in its true beauty, not constrained splendor.

Южный берег, доступный каждому




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