The route will open tourists the  new flourishing Crimea, so it's best to follow the "Routes of Crimean Druids" in spring and summer.

The unique nature of the route lies in the way it is held:  a  Quest tour in one of the longest canyons of Crimea - Chernorechensky. We will learn the secrets of those who knew how to feel, to understand the nature of the Crimea, thus, worshiping.

After completing all the tasks of the quest correctly, tourists will be rewarded with a cup of tea by the fire in a clearing by the river. But the grass and flowers for this tea should be picked up along the way, under the supervision of the guide, who tells how to travel around  the Crimea, and take care of every plant and learn the legends about every blade of grass.

The second day will be totally long, but not tiring hiking route to one of the waterfalls of Baydarskaya valley and rise to the Shaitan-Merdven pass, from the viewing platforms of which there opens a breathtaking landscape of the South Coast.