Do you know what are the places of power? These are special places on Earth where human is purified, charged with energy and health. This is no sorcery, but the magic of nature and the universe.

We invite you to the peninsula of Crimea, which will offer you a variety of places and each of them is unique and beautiful.


You need to find 8 free days of your life and buy tickets to the Crimea, and then we will help you to plunge into the world of wildlife.

What will you see and where will go during these 8 days?

Our route runs from east to west, and we'll start in Sudak and end up in Sevastopol. Tours along amazing mountains and rocks, the Crimean Nature Reserve, the most beautiful caves in the world, boat trips, sacred healing springs, climb to the Ai-Petri, the Sun Temple, Bajdarsky Valley – this is an incomplete list of what you will see during your amazing trip.

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You will Enjoy the beauty of the forests, mountains and caves, listen to the birds singing and the sound of the sea, breathe in the fresh, full of sweet smells air, drink clean, healthy water from springs, spend time actively, and, therefore, being filled with positive energy and gain strength, which are so necessary for modern people living in a big city.

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When to go? Crimea is beautiful at any time of the year! Who would be interested? All active people who care about the nature, the health and life!

We will help to make your trip as comfortable as possible:

- 11 interesting excursions;

- guides who know and love their job and the Crimea;

- accommodation with breakfast in comfortable hotels of 3 *;

- a comfortable modern transportation.

What should be done? Order the tour, buy the ticket and pack the suitcase!

All the rest we will do for YOU!

Welcome to the Crimea!

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.




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