Day 1 and 2

Introduction to Sudak – one of the most ancient cities of Crimea. Located on the seashore in a luxurious valley surrounded by mountains and vineyards, Sudak is famous for its sandy beaches, clear waters and a delicious wine made from indigenous grape varieties.

The famous Genoese fortress, the promenade of the city, the trail along the Cape Alchak grotto "Aeolian Harp", the German Lutheran Church, lapidary, majestic Perch, labyrinth of places of power, the spring of Loyalty, ancient temples, quarries of the XVIII century .. And that's not all!

Day 3

Horseback rides on the slopes of Ai-Giorgi. Delicious dinner, cooked on fire. Meeting with unusual natural boundary Kapsel and its lunar landscapes, magical cape-peninsula Meganom and colorful Solar Valley. Excursion to the factory "Arkhaderesse" with tasting of unique wines "Black Colonel", "Sun Valley" and "Black Doctor".

Day 4 and 5

Novyj Svet is one of the most beautiful corners of the Crimea. Your emotions will be off-scale on its stunning views and clear air, saturated with volatile production of junipers and pines. Ancient fortress Kutlak, "Adam's bed," "Hell" and "Heaven", "Taurus staircase", "cold crack" will appear before you during tours of the mountain range Karaul-Oba. Rest on the Tsarskoye beach and in Blue bay. Boat trip along the three multi-colored bays of the Novyj Svet. Excursion to the factory of sparkling wines " Novyj Svet " (founded in 1878) with a tasting of delicious champagne, prepared on the French bottled technologies.

And also in the program there is the house with towers, Golitsyn old road, St .Anastasia spring and the largest coral reef of the Crimea – Sokol (474 ​​m.). From there at a glance appear "a little paradise" of the Crimean land. Novyj Svet will not leave indifferent even the most experienced traveler (proved !!!).

Day 6

We offer to go to Zelenogorye. The excursion to the hole Panagia and rest at the mountain lake will give a great mood, and new emotions. Along the way you will meet a monument to "Guitar", Cape Agira and tower Choban-Kul.


The best time for travel are May, June, September, October.

"Sudak Necklace" is waiting for you!

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.




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