From the Black Sea coast begins the path to the reserved gorge "Chigenitra". In addition to the beautiful scenery and amazing energy, a place filled with history of the Old times. There lived and worked the ancient tribes of mountaineers, there lies the path of Roman legionnaires. There our hike will take place.

Lakes of Karaby plateau admire with its originality. They need to be observed. Lakes peculiarity is that they are not filled with water, but with clean and dense fog. In addition, you also need to catch a moment!


We will spend the night near the monument to history - a weather station. This old building has gone through a long and complicated history, which our guides will tell you with pleasure in the evening over a cup of tea made of mountain herbs. Overnight.

Day 2. Descending from Karaby plateau, we cross the Al-Su river valley, climb the partisan glory’s monuments on Mount Yuki-Tepe. The history of the peninsula reveals its secrets. Mountain hiking in the Crimea are the best way to touch them. There, the earth keeps a lot. Overnight.

Day 3. Climbing to Table Mountain, you will be able to observe all the Crimean mountain plateaus down to the Chatyr-Dag! From there you will find an incredible panoramic path to the stop with views of the sea, mountain steppes, the setting sun! Overnight will be in the kettle of gorge Kurlyuk-Bash.

Day 4: This day we are going to visit the top of the North Demerdji, with its mysterious iron shields "to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations"! Going down to the Angarsk pass, you will go along the rocky mountain trails of Bald Ivan Curly Mary. And then - a new mountain massif - Chater-Dag. Overnight is on Kutuzovsky lakes in Sequoia relict grove. This is a real Jurassic period!

Day 5. This incredible Chater-Dag. How many great writers have devoted their lines to its tops, how many scientists directed their steps on its meadows! There were secret riverbeds of the ancient rivers, and even portals into other perspectives. But the main thing is the it is one the most beautiful places of the peninsula. This is a great option if you are planning a winter trip to the Crimea. The fifth top is waiting for you!

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