Weekend route (2 days - 1 night).

Sevastopol is a city with magnificent architecture and legendary history. Its name in Greek means "city worthy of worship."

Every corner of this magnificent city is reminiscent of the glorious history and the courage of its inhabitants.

On the first day of travel to Sevastopol tourists can get acquainted with the monuments and museums of two heroic defenses, visit the Panorama and Michael's battery and enjoy the bays during the boat ride.


The second day of the route is the interactive quest-tour along the guerrilla trails in forested canyons. This is a cognitive game, whose route runs in three directions, depending on the level of preparedness of the group. Searches of guerrilla stops, construction of a dugout, "forest-mail" and, of course, a real guerrilla porridge – all this is in exciting quest, designed for both adults and children's audience.

The route "City worthy of worship" is a cognitive and active leisure during the weekend for the whole family, for school or student groups, for the company of colleagues after a week of work with the possibility to visit a brand and obscure objects of Sevastopol.

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.