Ancient, now not numerous Karaites left an indelible mark in the history and culture of Crimea.

That are kenasa sand "cave cities" Chufut Kale and Mangup-Kale, a special language and captivating songs, it is unusual recipes and solid evidence of patronage.

Driving and passing our route, you touch this ancient unstable world of Crimean Karaites, meet the narrow streets of the medieval Kaffa, an old house of Karaite industrialist Stamboli in Mauritanian style, Gaham Babovic’s estate - the only surviving Travelling Palace of Catherine II.

In the ancient city of Chufut-Kale you will observe kenasas of the XIV and XVIII centuries, the cave-prison and musical cave, ancient fortresses and defensive ditch. Visiting the oldest and the world's largest necropolis of Crimean Karaites, "read" their stone chronicle.

The memories and new knowledge about this amazing people will call us again.

The second variant of the route is discovery of cave Mangup-Kale.

Climb the picturesque gorge to the plateau (583 m. above sea level), stroll through the city's neighborhoods with the ruins of kenasa. Then, the path passes through the ruins of a Christian Basilica of the VI century and the palace of the rulers of Theodoro principality of the XV century, citadels and numerous caves. Precipice and views of the Crimean mountains are incredible!

You will remember these tired cozy evenings because of Karaite folk games, interesting prizes, chefs’ skills, folk songs. Experienced guide and conductors are Karaites and they tell you about the world, relying on exclusive ancient Karaite documents.

The route was developed in collaboration with the MOO " NKA Karaites Yevpatoriya" Kardashlar "and with the support of the Crimean Karaite community.

Part of the made funds is transferred to help children in waiting list of Crimean Rusfond Bureau (Details:

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.