Алушта кинематографическая

The route is walking and its length is about one and a half kilometer, lasting about two hours. Designed in such a way, that tourists from the place of tour bus stop, take a walk through the streets of the town, could easily go back to the starting point of the route.

In the course of the story and the show the sequence is not strictly maintained of the story in the film "Kidnapping: Caucasian style". Many of the scenes were shot at the natural areas outside the city, but by the many planned stops mountain Demerdzhi is perfectly seen - at the foot of which were filmed many culminating episodes and movie scenes, which significantly expands visual effect, and with a display of photographs the story itself.

Алушта кинематографическая

Many streets and facades of old buildings, ancient tower of the fortress and a picturesque corners of modern Alushta, fortunately, for the last 60 years have not changed much. No, of course the appearance and content of Alushta is not the same ... though we do not see the general plan of the city the screen, except that buildings of 60s. But recognizable, quite recognizable are filming location, if you compare them with the scenes from the film (photos from the guide portfolio are very handy!).

In the course of Alushta tour one can not be confined with a story about the history of cinema in the Crimea, or history of making the film, favorite actors biographies, list of movies filmed. Be sure to get acquainted with the history of the ancient settlement, outstanding citizens, historical events surrounding terrain, the names of mountains and passes. This is not a city tour, but some elements of such a trip are found there.

Алушта кинематографическая

First of all, it's the perfect mood and atmosphere of the movie, it's a fine and subtle, but clear and dear relationship of romance and love, the connection of past and present, organic bound of each of us with amazing Crimea, even if we had not been there before.

And let Caucasus be " the health center" but now we do know why Crimea is a cinema center!

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.

a guide – Kravchenko Mikhail Vasiljevich