Евпатория кинематографическая

f you love movies, I invite you to a journey with the characters of movies, ever starred in Yevpatoriya.

There are 28 films, shot in our city. In the movie, our city has played Odessa, and Baku, and an unknown city Novopeschansk, and the world famous Nice. Well, of course it played Yevpatorya itself!

For 3 hours we will walk along the cozy streets of the city, meet with movie heroes, admire the buildings, which we are proud of, recall long past times due to still preserved corners of our old town.


Евпатория кинематографическая

In the shooting of films took part many famous artists, whose staying in Yevpatoriya preserved in the memories of the townspeople, which are carefully passed down from generation to generation

Witnesses of those events will show you, "where Volodya sang " or "table in the cafe at the Greek, where, as Toljan claimed, comrade Kopelyan himself ate cheburek with beer." Some of the residents were even lucky enough to play in extras or even play small roles in the movies.

Even our wonderful tram cheerfully rolls across the screen.

Евпатория кинематографическая

And, of course, the main city area - the bluest in the world Black Sea is one of the characters of Yevpatoria films. The tour can be done for people who love movies, regardless of their age and physical abilities. It may be middle-aged people, or children, or pensioners. For all age categories there are interesting topics, covered in our films.

The time of year also does not matter. We are waiting for you all year round!

And the weather in our sunny city is always good.

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.

a guide – Natalia Vladimirovna Gorbatenko,





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