Керчь кинематографическая

On the bases of the route are 3 classical films of Soviet cinema, "Descended from heaven", "The youngest son’s street", "In the beginning of glorious deeds." They are based on real events that occurred in Kerch. The route will help to better understand the history of the country, to recall the familiar films and literary works that formed the basis of their scripts.

For many tourists Crimea begins with its eastern gate – the city of Kerch. More precisely with the ferry passage "Port Kavkaz - Port Crimea". The most attentive, approaching by a ferry, will pay attention to the fortified walls, located on the shores of Kerch. This is fortress Yeni-Kale. Its appearance it owes to the Russian ship "Krepost", which entered the Kerch Strait in 1699. This moment is shown in the finale of one of the most successful Soviet films about Peter I - «At the beginning of glorious days" (1980, directed by S. Gerasimov by the novel “Peter I” by A. Tolstoy).

Керчь кинематографическая

After touring the castle, we head back to one of the citadels – the underground one. The history of the heroic defense of Adzhimushk quarries formed the basis of numerous documentaries, but a new application adzhimushkayt was made in 1986, when was released the film "Descended from heaven" with A. Abdulov and B. Glagoleva starring (directed by N. Troshchenko based on story by A. Kapler "Two of twenty millions").

Керчь кинематографическая

The further journey takes place in the places connected with the name of the pioneer-hero V. Dubinin. In 1962 was released the film "The youngest son’s street " (directed by L. Golub based on the novel of the same name by L. Kassilyj and M. Polyanovski). The film is shot entirely in Kerchi – the city where the young hero lived and fought.

During the tour, tourists will also see the filming location of the movies about seamen, place of filming "Stalingrad" (1989, directed by Y. Ozerov) and "Inhabited Island"(directed by F. Bondarchuk, 2008).

The route ends up by the visit of "Fortress Kerch", where recently passed shootings of the film "Black jackets" (2015 directed by Vitaly Vorobiev).

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a guide – Reshetnikova Olga Vladimirovna