Кино Ялта

Where is the happiest seafront? Well, of course in Yalta – the city of happiness!!! To paraphrase the famous saying of the Middle Ages, we can boldly say, that all roads lead to the Yalta seafront! This is the place, which is attractive for both visitors and locals. It has everything your heart desires. Harmoniously merged into one – the beaches, shopping centers and a carnival procession.

The panorama of the surrounding mountains and sea space is awesome. Paved with granite tiles the Yalta seafront is decorated by fan palms and gorgeous fountains with illuminated.

The majority of buildings on the seafront of Yalta have historical and architectural value, as evidenced by the memorial tablets with inscriptions. Among them is the building of hotel "Russia" ("Tavrida" hotel). There stayed S.P. Botkin, N.A. Nekrasov, I.A. Bunin and the hotel "Marino" where lived and worked Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky. It is evidenced by the installed near the cultural composition "The Lady with the Dog".

Кино Ялта

Nearby is the lower station of the cable road. For 15 minutes you will be taken to the Darsan hill with spectacular views of the Yalta coast and the surrounding area. Yalta’s "cable road" was depicted in the film “Assa” directed by Soloviev. The center of art and cultural life is, of course, Chekhov Theatre, which is situated in the city park near the waterfront. This theater is visited by the most famous theater companies. There you can often see performances- enterprises.

Кино Ялта

During our tour we will have a walk along the waterfront and the places where were filmed internationally popular USSR movies and films of modern Russia. From the 60s to the 80s more than seventy people's favorite films were shot in Yalta. They have been created by more than two hundred unique studio professionals - decorators, props, sailors, hydronauts, stunt masters of underwater and combined filming.

I invite you to walk along the Yalta Cinema! It is a real “dear” gem of the Crimea!

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.

PE Potapov I.S





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