Крым - земля киноактриса

There is hardly a geographic location on the map in the former Soviet Union, which was filmed in more films than the Crimea ...

Crimean landscapes are unique – they combine almost all the natural areas of the world. It is not necessary to travel the planet to see the desert, taiga or the Arctic. You can just come to the Crimea. Nature of the peninsula and professionalism of the director do great job!

Tour «Crimea is the actor land " is designed for 7 days of active travel by bus along the Crimea with a tour of filming locations in more than 50 domestic films, starred there at different times.


Крым - земля киноактриса

Tourists will see almost the entire peninsula from west to east, will travel in this journey the entire set of easily recognized landscapes. The route is followed by showing of films, episodes, storyboards, interesting stories from the filming process.

Крым - земля киноактриса

The tour task is to awake interest among tourists for the exciting history of the Crimean cinema development, to show the diversity of the Crimean landscapes, against which in the films can be seen almost all the landscapes of our planet. The tour will acquaint you with interesting moments of favorite movies’ filming in Crimea, actors fate, whose life was connected with the Crimea. Another issue is to interest people to see good movies, tunes in kind and clever ideas. Induce to see in the movies, not only the plot, but the Crimean image "in the background". And, in our opinion, the main task of any Crimean tour is inculcation of sense of pride for this magical piece of our planet!

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.





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