Крым кинематографический

Tour duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Tour Itinerary: Simferopol - Feodosiya - Koktebel - Sudak - Novy Svet - Alushta - Yalta -Laspi - Sevastopol - Simferopol

Crimea is one of the most beautiful peninsulas, known for its unique and amazing nature, where in Soviet times, many directors love to shoot their films. We invite you to recall some of the most iconic films of those years.

We start our journey with Belogorsk (movie "Mirage," "The Headless Horseman"). Then Feodosiya with a tour along places of filming "Don Quixote", "Scarlet Sails", "Sports Lottery 82", "Professor Dowell's Head".


Крым кинематографический

Introduction to the history of the popular resort of Koktebel, and places of shooting the film "Scarlet Sails". Visit of the Genoese fortress in Sudak, near which today you can see the wooden crosses that were used in the scene of the crucifixion of Ieshua Ga-Nocri ("Master and Margarita").

Further is acquaintance with Novyj Svet and visit of the mountain Hoba-Kaya slopes, where the shooting the movie "Three plus two” took place, and visit the Robber and the Blue Bays and Imperial Beach ("Pirates of the 20th century"). Then a trip to the mountain Demerdzhi ("Kidnapping: Caucasian style") and the places where the film "Three plus two", "Three hearts" were made.

Крым кинематографический

Sightseeing tour along Yalta and acquaintance with the places of filming of "Assa" "Return of the resident", "Thieves in law", "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation", "Treasure Island".

Climb by the cable road to the mountain Darsan, wearing headphones and listening to the song by Grebenshchikov "Under the blue sky." Excursion to Livadia Palace, where starred "Dog in the Manger" and the castle "Swallow's Nest", where were conducted shooting of the film "10 Little Niggers", as well as visit of the ladder on the Diva Mount in Semeiz and go to Alupka to Vorontsov Palace. Moving to the Bay of Laspi ("Amphibian Man").

Sevastopol tour with observation of filming sites. On the way to the airport we visit the village Kujbyshevo in Bakhchisaray ("The leader of the redskins).

Our route is offered all year-round, but the best time to visit is SPRING!

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.








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