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The excursion route "In the footsteps of your favorite characters" was developed in 2015. The rich nature, the history of the Crimea, the large number of sites allow always to keep filming on peninsula. Total number of movies shot in Crimea is impressive.

And there are the most famous movies of the Soviet era, and Russia. That is how the idea was born to create a route that would have capture the bright and memorable cinematic platforms.

По следам любимых героев

We wanted to make the route not panoramic, but more realistic, so that people can not only see the places they already know, but also enjoy it, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Crimean nature as well as imbued extraordinary atmosphere of film shooting.

The tour begins in the city of Feodosiya. It is followed by transfer to the city Belogorsk. Where actress - Mount Ak-Kaya is located in the surrounding area.


По следам любимых героев

After that, tourists sit into the bus and go in the direction of the Luchistoe village. Luchistoe is located at the foot of Demerdzhi. On its slopes were filmed such cinematic masterpieces as "Hearts of Three", "Kidnapping: Caucasian style" and "Sports Lottery 82." Coming by the trail tourists can see the stone on which Nina danced and Nikulinskiy walnut and many other familiar places from the movies.

Than the group goes to Sudak, making a stop in Morskoe town. In Morskoe town is an unfinished resort where was shot the film "Inhabited Island" by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Then transfer to Novy Svet village of. Arriving, tourists visit the juniper grove and walk along the famous Golitsyn trail. There were filmed such movies as "82 Sports Lottery", "Three plus two", "Treasure Island," "Pirates of the twentieth century", "Amphibian Man".

On the way home we pass through the Koktebel and Dvuyakornaya valleys. This is a location of such films as "Scarlet Sails", "Ninth Company", "Inhabited Island".

* Stylistics of a tour developer is preserved.

a guide – Sergey Nikolaevich Zinchenko






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