Из Кырк-Ера в МангупCultural and educational route "From Kirk-Era to Mangup" is a three-day tour around Bakhchysarayi region and  the town of Bakhchysaray. Followin the route, you will see  the rich historical heritage of Bakhchisaray and Bakhchisaray district

Your first meet with Bakhchisaray  will be held in the museum coffee shop «Degirmen», where the layout of the city will be presented, which covers the life of the capital of the Crimean Khanate in the period from XV to XVIII century.

Из Кырк-Ера в Мангуп

Visiting the "Devlet-Saray", the complex cave city "Chufut-Kale" and the Svyato-Uspenskiy Monastery you will see an wonderful example of peaceful coexistence between different religions and peoples in Crimea.

The route includes a visit to Bakhchisaray Park "Crimea in miniature on the palm", where all the historical, cultural and architectural attractions of the peninsula are represented at the scale of 1:25.

Besides, you will visit Eski-Yurt. It is located in the western part of the city of Bakhchisaray. In the era of the Golden Horde Eski Yurt had the character of a large, probably, urban settlement, located on the trade route from the coast to the inland areas of the Crimean peninsula.

Из Кырк-Ера в Мангуп

You will viisit  Mangup-Kale, one of the largest "cave towns", an area of 90 hectares. The height of the mountain range is 584meters above the  sea level. It appeared in the VI AD as a Byzantine fortress. In XIV-XV centuries there was the capital of the principality of Theodoro. The surrounding nature, the majestic mountains and the lake will satisfy visitors of the area.

Cultural and educational route "From Kirk-Era to Mangup" is one of the most interesting routes and of Bakhchisaray city and Bakhchisaray district. It attracts tourists with its beauty, uniqueness and diversity.




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