Karaims in Crimean history and among us

Crimean Karaites! What is known about this small indigenous minorities of the Crimea?

They  were  the worthy sons of their Fatherland,the have done a lot for the prosperity of Russia.

We offer you to get acquainted with the heritage of the Crimean Karaites and live of their descendants on ancestral land.

You will see such unique monuments of antiquity:


  • all now known kenasas in  Russia;

  • the only extant Travelling Palace of Catherine II;

  • medieval hydraulic structure "Well Tik-Kuyu";

  • Karaite cemetery “Valley of Jehoshaphat” (his visit is not included in the program of popular tourist routes!). This is a unique opportunity to visit the oldest (XIV-XX centuries) фnd largest (7,500 monuments) Karaite necropolis in the world;

  • a fascinating route in Yevpatoriya "Little Jerusalem."



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On May holidays, you will take part in the opening ceremony of the holiday season and see the amazing "Parade of eras" in Yevpatoria, as well as a naval parade in Sevastopol city-hero with the grand evening fireworks. In summer you can swim a lot in the warm waters of the Black Sea.

Each tourist will be presented with a ncie unique conversation dictionary. You will learn some of the Karaite words and expressions, and a Karaite folk song to the sound of enchanting music, play folk games Crimean Karaites and compete for valuable prizes. Chef, purebred Karan reveals three secrets of cooking delicious national dishes.

Tour texts of excursions contains exclusive material, a part of which has  not been published yet. The tours are led by experienced guides and guides, local Karaites, who know the history of their people.

Part of the money is transferred to help children in a waiting list of Crimean Rusfond Bureau (Details: rusfond.ru/krym).




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