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Foros - the southernmost of the Crimean settlements with an original, elegant park and beach, where the savagery of the young world and the luxury of civilization are combined.  Here, exclusively pure sea water, majestic mountain panoramas and such a variety of vegetation that it is necessary to recognize it as one of the most picturesque, ecologically clean and warm corners of the Crimea. 

Beaches: pebble, the southern tip of the Crimean peninsula, where the village is located, is well washed by sea currents, due to which the sea water is always clean. 

From Simferopol (airport): 120 km

From Kerch (ferry): 300 km

What to do in Foros:

1. To take a walk in Foros Park - this pleasure is difficult to lose, resting in Foros, as the whole village is, in fact, the territory of the park.  The local flora has 350 species of trees and shrubs.  And still here grows the largest in Crimea grove of Lebanese cedars - 16 century trees of twenty meters height. 

2. To visit the Foros Church of the Resurrection of Christ on the Red Rock.  Visit this place is for two reasons.  First of all, for the sake of the church.  Because it is a fine example of Crimean architecture - a special Byzantine masonry, nine huge domes like old Orthodox churches, a mosaic of Italian masters and walls that are painted by the best Russian artists - an impressive combination of ancient cultures and architectural genres.  The second reason is spectacular views that open before your eyes at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level.  A terraced green forest slides down from the mountains to the blue sea, and the sea continues with the sky and nothing restrains the sight, even the horizon line is barely noticeable on the blue canvas.  From such a bird's freedom it's easy to breathe, think and dream.  You can get to the church by excursion or by taxi. 

3. To drive under the old Baidar Gate, built in 1848 under Prince Vorontsov.  They appeared on the occasion of the completion of the construction of the Sevastopol-Yalta road on the mountain pass through the main ridge of the Crimean mountains.  Since then, the gates have served as a halt for anyone who traveled this road.  The traveler could refresh himself at the restaurant and even stay overnight at the hotel.  Despite the fact that now on the road just for the sake of these gates and go, tourists as before can taste a cozy halt and delicious food in the restaurant "Shalash". 

4. To descend into the underworld of the Skel Cave that in its beauty and mystery is not inferior to the famous Marble Cave, but is located near the Foros Church.  Just take with you comfortable shoes and a jacket - here, as in any cave, it's damp and cold.  To get to the cave, you can order an excursion or a taxi. 

5. To establish a connection with the cosmos in the temple of the Sun.  This amazing and most mysterious place of the Crimea is located near the village.  It is also called the Crimean Stonehenge.  To rise to the temple of the Sun can be independently or as part of the excursion group.  For independent travel it is necessary to take a bus to Sevastopol at the bus station of the village and leave after 30 minutes at the Laspi stop.  Behind the stop begins a comfortable, wide path, going first through the shady forest, and then through the wonderful glades to vertically standing stones up to 10-15 meters high.  This is the complex of the Tyshlar or the temple of the Sun.  Above it there are peaked peaks of the rock Ilyas-Kaya with the remnants of St. Elijah's temple, from where a stunning view of the bay of Laspi, Cape Sarych and Cape Aya opens.  Experts say that powerful energy is concentrated here, thst can even affect a person's well-being, his luck and fate.  Many people believe that wishes come true here. 

6. To admire the beauties of the South Coast from the highest point of the Sevastopol-Yalta highway (325 meters above sea level), seven kilometers from Foros - the Laspi Pass.  On the cliff of the pass there is an observation deck, from which a magical view opens on Cape Aya, the Batiliman and Laspi coves.  Even seasoned tourists, who have seen a lot during their travels, admire the picture of the beach that asks to get into the camera lens.  Before the viewing platform, you can take a shuttle bus to Sevastopol. 

7. Of course, with a head immersed in an unforgettable beach holiday in one of the most environmentally friendly corners of the Crimea. In total there are 6 beaches in the village: Green, Cold, Pink, wild beach "Derevyashka" and the beach near Cape Chekhov.  At the end of the village, if you pass through a tunnel in the wall, you can go to the sixth beach "Quiet Bay". It is a small beach, fenced on all sides by breakwaters and hills.  Therefore, there are no large waves and storms.  All the beaches are pebble.  In the season you can go in for water sports, scuba diving, in the "Quiet Bay" you can rent a boat, boat, catamaran or jet ski.  From the Foros sanatorium depart excursion boats and motor ships to Cape Aya.  Some of them, at the request of tourists even go to Balaklava Bay. 

Editorial recommends:

1. If you have planned a holiday in August, you can diversify your carefree days at the annual international open-air film festival "Point in the Infinite Universe" on Cape Sarych.  Young and talented Russian filmmakers from all over the country gather here. There are photo exhibitions, theater performances, musicians perform, in general, a creative and positive atmosphere reigns here.  And in the evenings the participants demonstrate their films on the big screen in an open-air field.  There is even a special stage for children, where author's cartoons are shown in the evenings, and magicians perform in the afternoon. 

2. What is about going to the Villa Stirlitz?  Just seven and a half kilometers from Foros in the village of Oliva stands the House-Museum of the famous Russian writer Julian Semyonov.  You can get to it by taking a shuttle bus number 28 or a regular bus to Sevastopol to stop Oliva, and then walk to the small village of Muhalatka. 

3. Continuation of the tour can be a walk along the path leading to the "Devil's Staircase".  The path connects the southern coast of the Crimea with the top of a mountain range, during the times of Chersoneses, the Romans often went around it.  In some places, Roman paving stones have been preserved.  On this road, the only one in the 18th - early 19th centuries, Pushkin, Griboyedov, Zhukovsky passed here.  The path starts near the village, a large stone pillar serves as a landmark.


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