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Partenit - in the past a medieval harbor, and now a small resort town, snugly located on the eastern slope of Ayudaga, along the coastline of the sea.  People come here to enjoy the healing South Coast climate and the gentle Black Sea, at a convenient distance from the noise and entertainment of the large resort centers. 

Another name of Partenit: The name of the village comes from the Greek "parthenos" - the virgin.  Legends say that it was here that the temple of the Taurian goddess Virgo was located.  In 1945, Partenit was renamed Frunzenskoye, but fortunately, in 1991 it was given a historical name. 

Beaches: clean and well-groomed pebble beaches, sometimes stony, but the stones are smoothly ground by a sea wave. 

From Simferopol (airport): 63.2 km

From Kerch (ferry): 241.5 km

What to do in Partenit:

1. To visit the paradise garden - a magnificent park "Paradise" with exotic plants, lakes, waterfalls, streams and graceful sculptures - din from the most beautiful man-made corners of the Crimea.  It was established in 1964 - 1966 on the site of the former vineyards, it has more than 13 thousand trees and 30 thousand shrubs.  The most famous part of the park is an olive grove, the age of trees is more than 200 years.  The park is located on the territory of the sanatorium "Aivazovsky". 

2. To admire the neo-Mauritanian style of the estate "Karasan", also known as the Raevsky Palace.  The estate has been perfectly preserved and has not lost its beauty: graceful risalits, columns, tall windows decorated with mosaics, arches, faceted turret, dome-covered.  The park deserves special attention.  Advisers in laying the park in 1816 were the director of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Nikolai Gartvis, and the head of the botanical garden in St. Petersburg, Fedor von Fisher.  More than 220 species of exotic trees and shrubs planted here from the South American and African continents have been planted on 18 hectares.  Now the whole complex is part of the sanatorium "Karasan". 

3. To walk on the teddy bear.  The landscape reserve "Ayu-Dag" is a symbol of the Crimea.  The height of the mountain is 571 meters.  The summit and slopes are covered with a low forest with a rich fauna, many plants and animals are listed in the Red Book.  Here and there, scattered over the "bear" are the ruins of ancient buildings, basilicas and medieval temples. The largest collection of silicon tools were found at the foot of the mountain.  Their age, presumably, is 800 thousand years.  At the foot of the mountain you can come from Partenit and from Gurzuf. 

4. Partenit, like any southern coastal resort, was created for a beach holiday.  The swimming season lasts from June to mid-October.  The beach map of the village offers a choice.  Traditionally we will start with the most popular, central beach - this is a small beach covered with sea pebbles with conditions for comfortable rest.  The water in the bay is clean, the entrance to the sea is gentle.  Those who need more personal space may like the village beach.  It is completely "wild", half covered with sand, and the second - with pebbles.  If you want, you can swim and sunbathe.  There are practically no people.  On the municipal beach, the descent to the sea looks like steps, so you can sunbathe not only lying down, but also sitting.  A large number of Partenit beaches are curative and are in use at sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Editorial recommends:

1. Do not miss the chance to ride along the coast on the boat.  From Partenit on boarding ships you can go to Yalta, Alupka or Alushta, to make a sightseeing tour along the southern coast. 

2. If you stopped in Partenit, the "Turquoise" lake must be included in the program of the Crimean sightseeing.  To begin with, to make sure that it is really turquoise.  Then, that would plunge into this cool, clean, turquoise water.  It refreshes even in the strongest heat, because the lake is fed by cold underground springs.  The lake is located in a picturesque place among forests at an altitude of more than six hundred meters above sea level, there is no windy and plenty of place for a picnic.  There is an equipped tourist parking and a source of fresh water.  It is not difficult to get there: from Partenit to the side of the village Zaprudnoe road it will take about an hour.  But time will fly by unnoticed, because the nature around is unusual. 

3. To look into the parallel world and get acquainted with kind spirits - housekeepers.  The portal is located in the House-Museum of the Brownies in Zaprudnoye.  Skilled craftsmen on wood have gathered here already more than 100 spirits among which you do not find two similar.  Some people believe that these cute figurines that are carved from pistachios or walnuts, can help in deeds and protect them from bad things. 

4. Having a rest in Partenit, one day you will dedicate the excursion along the Nikitsky botanical garden.  It is located near the village, towards Yalta.  In the botanical garden, starting from April, every month there are large floral festivals: a parade of tulips and irises in April, the festival "Lilac of Victory" and "The Pink Waltz" in May, an exhibition of clematis in May, an exhibition of daylilies and canes in June and the famous "Parade  Chrysanthemums" in October. 

5. If you are lucky enough to be in the Party in early spring, be sure to plan a trip to Ayu-Dag.  In early March, "bear" from ears to the tail is covered with snowdrops.  Delicate flowers spread over the earth with a thick carpet, where do not look.  This spring you will not find anywhere else!


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