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Simeiz - a southern coastal village, closed from the cold north winds by the ridge of the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains, and from the western ones - by an array of stone Cats.  This forms its especially dry and warm climate.  Simeiz - a provincial, but at the same time a very peculiar resort.  Here, the beauty of wildlife harmoniously combines with the beauty of the architecture of numerous ancient villas and villas. 

Another name of Simeiz: in Greek, "simion" - a sign, a mark. 

Beaches: small pebbles, rocky terrain. 

From Simferopol (airport): 103.8 km

From Kerch (ferry): 282.1 km

What to do in Simeiz:

1. Be sure to go up to the observation deck of the cliff "Diva" - it's something like a local tourist ritual.  The height of the rock is 51 meters, there are 260 steps to the summit - the test is not for timid ones.  But if you decide, you will have a magnificent view of the village.  At the foot of the rock there is the most popular city beach with fine sifted pebbles.  And Diva is a real movie star.  It was from her ledge that the dashing Gypsy Yashka in the film "Elusive Avengers", laying the foundation for another tradition for visitors and local extreme lovers. 

2. Continue your journey through the rocks of Simeiz on the cliff of Panea with the remains of the ancient Christian monastery of Panagia and the Genoese fortress.  And in antiquity, and nowadays, from ancient watchtowers opens a magnificent view of the Simeiz Valley, the coastal cliffs and the bay, where the Black Sea dolphins drive their breakfast every morning. 

3. To climb the mountain "Koshka" and admire the wonderful views.  It's not as difficult as it seems.  You just need to choose a cool day and walk along the old streets of Simeiz, up, towards the track.  Where the Sevastopol route crosses the mountain range of Koshka, there is an observation deck and an ecological path begins.  If there is no hunt to go on foot, you can take a shuttle bus № 107 on the Simeiz ring and in five minutes find yourself on the same viewing platform, where, incidentally, they sell sweet Yalta onions.  If you follow the path to the "back" of the Koshka, in 10 minutes you can come to the outskirts of the most ancient settlement in the Crimea - the Taurus village (10th century BC), or rather, what was left of it: the foundation of ancient houses and defensive walls, where in the Middle Ages another Genoese fortification of Limen-Isar was appeared.  If you go up the path to the "tail" of the Cat, you can get to the ancient Taurian burial ground, where more than 30 dolmens - stone burial boxes have been preserved.  The mountain "Koshka" (also called "Kosh-Kaya") is low, only 260 meters above sea level, it can be seen from everywhere, but most of all the cat looks like a mountain on the eastern side. 

4. It will be interesting to visit the observatory on Mount Koshka.  There you can listen to the stories of scientists, observe the work of the range finder and determine the distance to the nearest satellite.  You can look through the telescope to the star nebulae, and then buy professional photographs of the constellations, nebulae and comets.  Excursions to the observatory are organized every day - the sightseeing bus is waiting for tourists at 20:00 at the bus stop "Kolco".  Just remember that the observatory is high in the mountains and even in July it's cold in the evenings. 

5. Organize yourself a small aerotherapy in the Simeiz park.  The park itself is small, but its peculiarity is that apart from the usual palm trees and cypresses, one of the largest juniper groves has grown here, and the air saturated with the smell of juniper strengthens the immune system and clears the breath. 

6. Those who are looking for entertainment, you should visit the water park "Goluboy zaliv", behind the mountain "Koshka".  Hills, swimming pools, bars, restaurants and even a hotel is all at your service.  In addition, the water in the water park is fresh, but the real sea. 

7. To get acquainted with the beach map of the resort.  Going for the long-awaited beach experiences, note that the Simeiz beaches, especially wild, like fans of impeccable sunburn.  First of all, this refers to the beach at the foot of the cliff "Wing of the Swan", where from the middle of the last century, every year for the whole summer informal camps from all over the CIS break up their camp - not only nudists, but also hippies, rastomans, and other free creative individuals.  There is no convenient descent into the sea, only large boulders, from which you will have to jump.  But the quiet and underwater world is rich - it's interesting to dive with a mask.  The wild beach at the cliff "Diva" is also rocky, but populous and open, so there are no nudists here.  The best entertainment on this beach is to jump and dive with small boulders, but you can not easily sunbathe in the sun here.  The heart of a beach holiday in Simeiz is a city beach.  It is completely strewn with pebbles.  There is a pier to the right of the beacher, where every hour an off-road motor ship is departing and catamarans can be rented.  Above the beach there are pedestrian paths with small cafes and shops. 

8. For extreme people and climbers!  Not far from Simeiz is Mount Shaan-Kaya - one of the coolest places in the Crimea for fans of thrills.  Shaan-Kaya - the most terrible and most difficult for climbing rock, as a magnet attracts climbers.  It has a negative bias, because the routes here are extremely complicated, but also extremely interesting.  Capture the spirit of the surrounding beauty, to admire which is not difficult and safe, because on the cliff, two pedestrian paths lead to the bypass.  Finally, Shaan-Kaya - Mecca roupjamperov, who make incredible jumps from its top with a free fall of 160 meters.

Editorial recommends:

1. Before you go down to Simeiz, stop, take a look at it from the motorway.  From the hot slope tease yourself with beckoning views of the blue bay, look at the rocks of freakish forms and you will not long forget these moments of joyful anticipation. 

2. Take time to walk around the village and admire its architecture.  In Simeiz there are no famous palaces, but, nevertheless, the resort was built by the best Yalta architects.  In the 20th century, the cottage settlement was called a museum of architecture in the open air.  Until now, the exquisite dachas "Xenia" and "Mechta" have been preserved. The "Xenia" is located directly opposite the avenue - cypress avenue leading to the park. The "Mechta" - just behind the turn, at a distance of 100 meters, if you walk from the bus station. 

3. Go on an excursion to the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.  Shuttle bus number 115, 107 in just 30 minutes will take you to the city center.  The famous palace of Prince Vorontsov is one of the most beautiful in the Crimea.  The palace is located in the territory of a huge park of 40 hectares.  Each corner of the park has its own unique design and name.  In the castle there are excursions and exhibitions.  Quests are held in the park. 

4. If you rest with children, a lot of positive emotions for kids will bring a walk in the zoo "Skazka" in Yalta.  The zoo is located in a picturesque place at the foot of the Stavri-Kaya rock, on the riverbed of the Vodopadnaya River.  You can get there by bus №115, 107, 142. Here wild lions, tigers, bears, monkeys and other animals live in spacious open-air cages, raise their cubs, and gladly receive fruit from guests.  A real pleasure for children is brought to the "Babushkin dvor", where you can chat and play with four-legged friends: goats, pigs, rabbits.  In the zoo, there are about a hundred different kinds of animals, and in total there are about six hundred of them.


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