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"Golden Sands" beach

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City: Feodosiya
Type: Sand
Address: Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya
Coordinates: 45.084251,35.424043

Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya
Administration Phone: 3-30-88


"Golden Sands" beach is located on an extended beach area of Feodosia in the direction of  Primorskoye. The name of the beach was chosen because of the golden fine sand. Beach infrastructure  is well developed. In addition to umbrellas, deck chairs, sunshades, showers, beach equipment rental, there is a volleyball court for active recreation and a cinema for romantics who want to watch a movie night under the stars in the southern sky and whisper of the waves of the surf. Gentle descent into the water, so the beach is suitable for families with children. And if the kids want new experiences, iacross the street there is the  Dolphinarium "Nemo".
1. Name of the beach: The beach "Golden Sands".
2. The owner of the beach: OOO "Krymmediagrupp".
3. Location: Feodosia,  Kerch highway, opposite the "Nemo" Dolphinarium.
4. Type of the beach: Sandy.
5. Estimated beach capacity (persons): 600.
6. Infrastructure on the territory of the beach:
- Shady canopies - yes;
- Umbrellas - yes;
- Sunbeds - yes;
- Changing rooms - yes;
- Nogomoyki - yes;
- Shower - yes;
- Toilet - yes;
- Volleyball court - yes;
- Cinema - yes;
- Rental of beach equipment - yes;
Working hours from 08.00 to 20.00 hours.
7. The cost of paid services for the season 2016:
Rent a bungalow for 4 people. - 600 rubles, deck chairs -. 150 rubles, using the toilet -. 20 rubles.
8. How to get to the beach by public transport: city bus  106.
9. Car parking: in front of the beach near the dolphinarium "Nemo" there is free car parking.


Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya
Administration Phone: 3-30-88


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