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Beach "Morprichal"

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City: Sudak
Type: Mixed sand & pebble
Address: Republic of Crimea, Sudak
Coordinates: 44.840753,34.962744

Republic of Crimea, Sudak
Administration Phone: 2-26-72


A small cozy beach, located near the city waterfront and surrounded by picturesque Crimean Mountains. Sandy beach, close to the water pebbles.
1. Name of the beach: The beach "Morprichal".
2. The owner of beach: CBM GOS "Sudakmortrans".
3. Location: Sudak, Sudak bay on the west side of Navy Pier.
4. Type of the  beach (sand, gravel): Silica sand, pebbles.
5. Estimated beach capacity (persons): 224.
6. Availability of the infrastructure on the territory of the beach:
- Shady canopies - no;
- Umbrellas - yes;
- Sunbeds - there is;
- Changing rooms - yes;
- Shower - no;
- Toilet - no;
- Smoking -yes;
- Storage cells - no;
- Rental of beach equipment - yes;
Working hours from 07.00 to 20.00.
7. How to get to the beach by public transport: bus route "villa-cozy" stop "TOK" Sudak ".
8. Is there a car park near the beach for your personal car: yes;


Republic of Crimea, Sudak
Administration Phone: 2-26-72


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