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Beach "117 km"

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City: Feodosiya
Type: Sand
Address: Republic of Crimea, Feodosia, Kerch highway
Coordinates: 45.08788, 35.429095

Republic of Crimea, Feodosia, Kerch highway


Beach "117 km" is a wide strip of sand along the sea. Sunset in the sea - sandy and shallow, which makes the rest attractive for families with young children. The depth starts after about 15-17 meters.
1. Name of the beach: Beach 117 km
2. The owner of beach: Limited Liability Company "Alexander".
3. Location: Feodosia,  Kerch highway.
4. Type of beach (sand)
5. Estimated beach capacity (persons): 800.
6. Infrastructure on the territory of the beach:
- Shady canopies  yes;
- Umbrellas - yes;
- Sunbeds - yes;
- Changing rooms - yes;
- Shower - yes;
- Toilet -yes;
- Foot shower yes;
- Cases yes;
- Catering facilities - cafe;
- Trade objects - yes;
- Rental of beach equipment yes;
7. The cost of paid services for the season 2016:
Hire sunbeds cost 150 rubles, shower, toilet - 20 rubles.
8. How to get to the beach by public transport: City bus 106.
9. Private car parking.


Republic of Crimea, Feodosia, Kerch highway


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