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"Southern Cafe" Restaurant

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City: Yalta
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Yalta, Botkinskaya st. 2B
Cuisine: American

Republic of Crimea, Yalta, Botkinskaya st. 2B

Phone: +7 (918) 668-68-83


Coordinates: 44.49131,34.159239


"Southern Cafe" is  a cult place for rest in Yalta.

Here you can find the palette of various styles of music, and cuisine that will please fans of Italian dishes, connoisseurs of Japanese and American cuisine, a bar, mix of cozy types of atmosphere "cafe" during  day, "Lounge" in the evening, and "party bar" at night.

Every day in the "South Cafe"  is  good in its way! On Mondays, for example,  you are offered 50% off for alcoholic drinks, and in  the evening there are  a little bit crazy but very funny parties   "We like to move it".

On Tuesdays in the cafe there are held tea ceremonies. You will plunge into the peaceful atmosphere, can get acquainted with the elite varieties of Oolong and Pu-erh and feel the magic of the ritual ceremony.

Those who love live music will be able to enjoy nice compositions and original covers at the "Southern Cafe".

Bon Appetit!



Republic of Crimea, Yalta, Botkinskaya st. 2B

Phone: +7 (918) 668-68-83



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