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Alushta "Watercolor" dolphinaruim

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City: Alushta
Type: Waterparks
Address: Republic of Crimea, Alushta, Gorky st. 8
Coordinates: 44.670691,34.410081
Contacts: Republic of Crimea, Alushta, Gorky st. 8 Phone: +7 (978) 830 30 30 Dolphin: +7 (978) 830 33 33; +7 (926) 497 90 50; +38 (06560) 2 62 03 http://alushta.delfinarium.com.ua/ru/


"Watercolor" dolphinaruim can  be considered to be the pride of Alushta. New modern building with a transparent dome-hemisphere and a huge auditorium for 700 people greeted the first visitors at the end of August 2013 and immediately acquired regular customers. The name was not chosen by chance, because we all know the dolphin's ability not only to the circus arts, but to painting as well. There are a few watercolor works painted by dolphins.

A show with dolphins is a fascinating spectacle, where spectators witness the performances of stars such as Hector, Neptune, and Gene, who know how to play basketball, sing, jump, drawing, juggling and even dance. Besides acrobatic tricks, dolphins perform various tasks on logic, guess items. Bright show will blow you into the maelstrom of emotions, and you can personally take part in the amazing view.

The water in the sea basins, it passes a special advanced treatment. The dolphinarium "Watercolors" held performances of talented dolphin-bottlenose dolphins and sea lions, as well as dolphin therapy sessions for children with disabilities. Dolphin in Alushta, Crimea Located in the center of Alushta dolphin "Watercolor" works through a unique non-traditional program that provides positive dynamics and improvement in many diagnoses.

Adults dolphin helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation after strokes. Also, such therapy is justified when the children's neuroses, phobias, delayed psycho-speech development, Down's syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity syndrome and behavioral disorders.

In addition, the dolphinaruim in the Crimea has established itself as a part of the complex rehabilitation in the treatment of diseases associated with functional disorders of the various organ systems, metabolic disorders, psychosomatic disorders.

Dolphinaruim in Crimea has a number of unique advantages, among which are the climate, the development of resort and recreational and tourist infrastructure. Dolphinaruim in Alushta, in combination with clean sea and spicy air of the Crimean coast, impregnated with iodine and pine volatile production, can make wonders!


Republic of Crimea, Alushta, Gorky st. 8 Phone: +7 (978) 830 30 30 Dolphin: +7 (978) 830 33 33; +7 (926) 497 90 50; +38 (06560) 2 62 03 http://alushta.delfinarium.com.ua/ru/


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