Mikhailovskaya battery

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City: Sevastopol
Type: Other
Address: The republic of Crimea, Sevastopol, Nakhimovsky district, Severnaya storona, Gromova str., 35/1
Coordinates: 44.627895, 33.525827


It is difficult and long to get there by road, but very simply - on a boat from the Artillery Bay and from the Count's Wharf.
Entrance to the bay is guarded by a large Konstantinovsky fort, the sight of which is impressive and formidable. During the Crimean War, the British, the French and the Turks decided after the Battle of Alma that they could not take Sevastopol through the Northern Bay. Having lost time and slightly lowering the fighting fervor, they went to the South side.
Near the pier, to which the passenger boats moor, the building of the Mikhailovskaya battery is visible. Inside there, corridors through which the guns stood on one side, on the other - wooden bunks for personnel and officers' rooms. This is almost the last battle point of the defense of Sevastopol in late June 1942. Here was the arsenal of the Black Sea Fleet that was blown up on June 30.
The battery of the Konstantinovsky Fort has a small anti-aircraft gun, from which, reviving the tradition of the early 20th century, every day a signal shot was fired. Considering the speed of sound, they shot with anticipation, so that this signal reached the Primbul exactly at 12:00. Thus the tradition resumed - now simply in memory of the time when the navigators checked the ship's chronometers for this shot.
So since 2005 the shooting was stopped, but Sevastopol residents want it to be restored.


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