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Museum of the History of viticulture and wine-making factory of sparkling wines "Novyi Svet"

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The museum of wine is located in the ancient city of the Big House, where Lev Golitsyn used to live for a long period of his life.The house has preserved in its original beauty and all visitors can relax on the outdoor terrace, where Knyaz Golitsyn like to spend his free time.

The first part of the museum introduces visitors to the history of the Golitsyns’ dynasty, focusing attention on the personality of Lev Golitsyn of course.

The second part of the exhibition is  devoted to the history of viticulture and winemaking since ancient times to the present day. One of the rooms depicts the entire process of sparkling wines production, the reason that Golitsyn’s winery is that much popular in Novyi Svet.

Visitors of the museum have the opportunity to go down to the wine cellar. There's a big open tasting room with sparkling wines "Novyi Svet".

In summer it hosts tasting events by the candlelight with a violin live music. During the evening tastings you can try the best samples of champagne, and also other kinds of wine products produced by the "Novyi Svet" winery.



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