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Picture gallery GBU RK "East-Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve"

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City of Crimea: Kerch
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Kerch, st. Teatralnaja, 36
Coordinates: 45.351411,36.474186
Type of tourists point: Museums and galleries


The picture gallery is located in a building which is a monument of architecture of XIX century. It is made in the classical style, and is located at the foot of the Grand Mitridat stairs. The gallery exposition opens to visitors the most important moments in the life of the city in the richest and deepest colors. There are collected the objects of art and culture of Kerch from the ancient period to modern times, so this is the place where you can plunge into the story and really feel how lived and breathed for 26 centuries, one of the oldest cities in the world.

History of the picture gallery started in November 1968, when the honored artist of Russia N.J. Boot donated to the Historical and Archaeological Museum 29 of his paintings and numerous sketches entitled "Adzhimushkay. 1942 ". They became the basis of the exposition of the art gallery, which was opened on May 7, 1985. Today, as 30 years ago, the cycle "Adzhimushkay. 1942 "is one of the main objects of the museum exhibition. Artfully, charmingly painted canvases about courage, dedication of people defending their homeland, are impressive. N.J. Boot managed to reflect the bitter truth of the war, the sacrifices that were on the verge of life and death. Works by Boot tell about the war in all colors, as if reviving and transferring us to that difficult time - every visitor of the museum becomes a witness of those tragic events.

During the work the exposition was expanded – there are samples of ancient sculpture, painted ceramics, works of art by contemporary authors in its halls. Currently the gallery is the main exhibition hall for temporary exhibitions from other museums and private collections. Among the permanent exhibitions there is "Ancient monuments Kerch" offering to admire archaeological findings older than a thousand years – painted vases, terracotta, glass, plastic, sculpture and many other ancient artifacts. Guests of the gallery can get acquentedwith the ancient traditions of painting, sculpture and iconography, archaeological finds of early Middle Ages. The highlight of this collection is a copy of the mosaic of the Vatican St. Peter's "Christ Pantocrator» (XII century.), presented as a gift in 1986, by the Pope John Paul II.

The gallery permanently offers the exhibition of Russian stock collections of leading museums (art, personal). In recent years the gallery has become a favorite place for leisure of Kerch citizens during the monthly “Night at the Museum” action and "" We would like to touch the cultural heritage…" and many other cultural and educational events. Meetings of citizens with composers, musicians, poets, singing groups in the walls of the Art Gallery are the adornment of the city's cultural life.



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