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Kutuzovsky fountain

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City of Crimea: Alushta
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Alushta
Coordinates: (44.743307, 34.36174)
Type of tourists point: Other

Republic of Crimea,  Alushta


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Kutuzovsky fountain is one of the most famous memorial complexes in Crimea. It was built at the beginning of the XIX century at the foot of the mountain Demerdzhi, on the place where flows the healing spring – mountain stream Sung-Su.

The first monument-fountain was mentioned in 1804 under the name given to it in honor of the creek Sung-Su. The original fountain was built by the son of a Turkish officer Ismail-aga, who died in a battle with Russian troops. The fountain was built in the oriental style, but in 1830 it received wide recognition as the Kutuzovsky fountain. There is a legend that the spring water, near which the memorial was built, saved the life of a legendary Field Marshal M.I. Kutuzov.

July 23, 1774 then just a Colonel Kutuzov headed a battalion of grenadiers, not far from Shumy village (now Verhnjaja Kutuzovka town) bravely fought against the Turkish army. There were almost 10 times more soldiers in the enemy army than in the Russian side. This legend about this battle was composed, according to which the battalion of Lieutenant Colonel Kutuzov and his battalion fought so bravely that serasker Haji Ali Bey realized that if Kutuzov is not stopped, the whole Turkish army will die. Then serasker properly aimed and fired at the captain, hitting him in the left temple. The bullet came out near the right eye, Kutuzov fell, struck by a terrible wound. Then grenadiers carried him to a nearby source Sung-Su and began to wash the wound. The soldiers saw a miracle – blood has stopped and the wound dragged on, Kutuzov recovered. As a result, three thousand Russian troops managed to make 25 thousand Turks flee. 29-year-old Kutuzov, who lost his right eye in this battle, was awarded the Order of St. George for his heroism.

In gratitude for his healing Kutuzov planted a poplar at the place where he washed the wound, and later established there memorial became known only as Kutuzovsky. Many people hearing the story of the miraculous healing of Kutuzov, arriving to Crimea, tried to drink the healing water source near the place where the famous Field Marshal planted the tree.

In 1832, a memorial was renovated, and in 1956 by the architectural design of A. Babitsky by sculptor L. Smerchinskim it was transferred and acquired its present appearance. The monument is quite unique – its shape looks like a wall, propping up the hill. On the wall are carved inscriptions telling about the events occurred in 1774, and shows a high-relief portrait of the great commander. Under the portrait constructed a small fountain. Before the memorial, which is a pedestal with four steps on two stone pedestals, are installed short-balls from the time of the Crimean War.

Whether the legend is true or not, one can be said for sure. As a leader and as a person, crushed Napoleon's army the legendary Field Marshal M.I. Kutuzov was formed in the Crimea, near Alushta in a battle that will forever remain in human memory, played a significant role in the liberation of Crimea. And Kutuzov fountain will always be there to revive the historical moment in the memory of people visiting this place, to be a reminder of courage and heroism of the great commander and his soldiers.



Republic of Crimea,  Alushta


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