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Tekie dervishej

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City of Crimea: Yevpatoria
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Yevpatoriya, Karaeva st., 18
Coordinates: (45.199312, 33.380443)
Type of tourists point: Mosques

Republic of Crimea, Yevpatoriya, Karaeva st., 18

+7 (978) 794 33 01


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Tekie dervish is situated at the very beginning of the tour route "Little Jerusalem", which combines several iconic architectural structures of five different religions. Stepping from one of the central streets of Yevpatoriya out of the complex gates, as if by magic, you will find yourself not just in ancient times, but in a mysterious place.

The gates behind are high, the walls around the yard and the building are even higher. Masonry, minaret ruins, the remains of the cemetery and the octagonal dome Tekie – everything speaks of the sanctity of the cloister.

Tekie dervishes complex consists of several buildings: the main building, a former madrassa - religious school and mosque Shukurullo - Efendi. Tekie is a domed hall with located around it tiny monastic cells. That are small rooms sometimes without windows. The floor in the cells are earthy, slightly below the current level of the sidewalk and the roadway. In the room there were candles or lamps, so you can read after sunset. Everything is austere and simple. The ascetics were not there for a long time, and there were almost none of their belongings at the dervishes. Translated from the Turkish "Tekie dervish" means "abode of strangers."

Whirling of Dervish is a ritual. Imagine a large hall. The floors are carpeted, dim light, and away from all settled the musicians. Dervishes has already lined in the center – they wore black robes. Music starts playing. Wanderers come for the elder-Sheikh, bow their heads. Then dervishes throw their black capes and remain in white shirts and long skirts to the floor. In music, there is a rhythm, which gradually increases and by the mentor command action participants begin to spin. Their heads are thrown back, hands outstretched in opposite directions, the palm of the right hand is turned up, the left is to the floor. The dervishes whirl in the dance faster and faster, depicting the cycle of life and spirit, representing the movement of the planets and celestial bodies. During rotation dervish forgets everything earthly, he is configured only to the voice of God.



Republic of Crimea, Yevpatoriya, Karaeva st., 18

+7 (978) 794 33 01


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