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"Chertov palets " rock

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City of Crimea: Novyi Svet
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Sudak, t. Novyj Svet
Type of tourists point: Rocks and mountains

Republic of Crimea, c. Sudak, Novyj Svet


"Chertov palec" («Devil’s finger») rock is located under Shajtan-Dere  canyon, which means «devil’s canyon». The name was given due to the rock’s shape. "Chertov palec" rock is situated in the eastern part of «Sokol» («Falcon») mountain. The yellowish rock is actually a cliff. Its height from the foot up to the top is 17 meters.  There is a winding path going there, traveling which one is sure to admire the beauty of the rock. The best sculptures, worked on the shape of this rock for so long, are climate, rains and winds. They created a finger pointing to the sky. By the way, there is one more interesting peculiarity. That is the place where a hilarious episode of «Dvenadcat stulev» («The Twelve Chairs») was shot, the one where father Fedor is climbing a rocky cliff.  The novel is set in Caucasus, but the creators of the film liked "Chertov palec" so much, that they transferred the scene to the Crimea.


Republic of Crimea, c. Sudak, Novyj Svet


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