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Crimean GGRES

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City of Crimea: Saki
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Saki, st. Kurortnaja, 4
Coordinates: 45.12441,33.59537
Type of tourists point: Lakes, waterfalls and springs


Shallow Saki lake is a unique giant laboratory in which nature prepares its miraculous medicinal product: therapeutic mud and brine.

Salubrious silt sulfide mineral Saki mud is recognized worldwide. Compared with silt from the Dead Sea, vitamin content in Lake Saki mud is 3-10 times higher, there are 2-3 times more lipids and their derivatives - fatty acids (14 items).

There are many beautiful legends about the miraculous power of Saki Lake mud. This mud can provide not only a health effect, but also an incredible rejuvenation. On the basis of these muds were developed effective health and beauty products that can be bought at the company store GGRES (hydrogeological regime-operational station).

Crimean GGRES, established in 1926, today is the only one Research and Production Enterprise in the Crimea, the scope of which includes not only the rational exploitation and preservation of the unique deposits of curative mud, but mud-bath, and the study of other ecosystems.

Since 1999 the company has mastered industrial production of therapeutic mud and packaged products based on it. Mineral mud and cosmetic products manufactured under the "Gaia" brand, confirmed the high efficiency by multi-year period of their application in the market of brine-cosmetics services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany and the United States.