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Sevastopol city – 1941-1944 defense and liberation

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City of Crimea: Sevastopol
Adress: c. Sevastopol, Sapun-gora
Coordinates: 44.554238, 33.583543
Type of tourists point: The history of the twentieth century


Title: the city of Sevastopol. Based on the bay in the northern part of the Heracleian peninsula. Other Names: Chersonese Herakleian (Anc. gr. Χερσόνησος – cape, founded by the residents Herculean Pont), Kherson (Byzantine), Korsun (old Russian), Sarson (Genoa), Sarah-Kermen, Akhtiar (Turkic).

The foundation of Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet – 1783

Area: 863.6 km²

Defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942.


·      The 30th Battery.

·      The 35th Battery.

·      The memorial house of Sevastopol underground organization of 1942-1944.

Facts and events:

·      Sevastopol joined the war earlier than other cities in the country - at 03:07 June 22, 1941 Black Sea Fleet ships opened fire on the enemy bombers.

·      In the context of the full superiority of the enemy in the air and artillery, Sevastopol defenders held the line for eight months, passing into the attack in some areas and even landed troops in Yalta in January 1942.

·  During the storming of Sevastopol, the enemy used the largest artillery systems of the time (caliber 600 mm – the weight of the projectile is 4 t. and 800 mm – the weight of the projectile is 7 t.).

·  The destroyer " The destroyer " (hull number "13") under the bombing and shelling flew about 200 combat trips between the ports of Caucasus and Sevastopol. Thanks to the skillful leadership of the commander and the experienced crew the ship did not lose a single man, there was not even wounded.

·  A unique case in the history of artillery: near Sevastopol a low-flying German aircraft, which was storming the positions of our troops, was brought down by a direct hit from a mortar.

·  The underground storage of Inkerman winery was equipped as a hospital, power station, repair shop, a soldier's club, kindergarten and school. There were about 3 million champagne bottles, which was used for washing, washing wounds and instead of drinking water.

The liberation of Sevastopol in 1944


·  Nakhimov Square, a memorial to the defenders of the city.

·  Diorama 'Storm of Sapun Mountain May 7, 1944 "

Facts and events:

· The German command hoped to keep the Crimean Peninsula and Sevastopol as long as possible. On depended the position of Turkey and Romania, which supplied Germany with strategic raw materials.

·  Soviet troops arrived to Sevastopol April 16, 1944. The German defense of Sevastopol lasted less than a month. After fighting on the outskirts the Soviet troops began general assault on the city on May 5. May 9, 1944 Sevastopol was released.



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