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Artezsian settlement

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City of Crimea: Kerch
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Kerch
Coordinates: 45.396139,36.167247
Type of tourists point: Palaces and fortresses


A multi-layered ancient settlement and necropolis Artesian is located five kilometers to the east from the Sea of ​​Azov and 2.5 kilometers to the northwest of the Chistopole village, Leninsky district of Crimea. Necropolis and settlement occupied the northern watershed of Artesian tract. Excavations carried out in 1988 by the forces of Artesian archaeological expedition of the Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Artesian is one of the biggest strongholds of the Crimean Azov Sea, it has a prime importance for the study of central Bosporus settlements belonged to the first centuries of our era. It is the only monument in the Eastern Crimea, announcing the start date of active military penetration of the Roman Empire on the territory of the Bosporus state. Under the strata of ancient times were discovered 11 burials from Eneolithic-Bronze Age periods – the remains of burial mound, mounds of which were cut in the antique period. The most interesting buildings are the remains of "Citadel" of the first centuries of our era.

During excavations were traced two main stages of its fortifications formation –  I cent. BC. - 46/47 years BC and the middle of I-II cent. BC. The first period of the fortress ended tragically, it was taken by storm in the Bosporus-Roman war and completely burned. The abundance of rare artifacts in the fire layer, including several hoards of coins, ornaments and jewelry, dozens of terracotta figurines fragmented, thousands of bronze coins, dozens of silver Roman coins, ten gold Bosporus coins, remains of weapons, housewares and various sacred objects, make this monument a reference for the study of the history of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.



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