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The pottery GBU RK "East-Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve"

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City of Crimea: Kerch
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Kerch, st. Sverdlova, 22
Coordinates: 45.347528,36.470681
Type of tourists point: Museums and galleries


Pottery began to develop on the Kerch peninsula since the VI century BC, after arriving of Greek settlers there, who founded here the colony apoykii.

Within creating of the potteries museum experts have tried to recreate the atmosphere of antique Panticapaeum workshops. It was opened in 2011 in the basement of the Historical and Archaeological Museum. The wall space of the pottery is decorated with colorful frescoes in the Pompeian style painting depicting ancient craft workshops. The central object of one of the halls of a potter is a wheel. There specialists hold master classes by making the copies of ancient artifacts according to ancient technology. Opposite is a niche with a table for the manufacture of small plastic – masks, terracotta statuettes.

The workshop demonstrates the samples of museum ceramics items, made by ancient technology: plates, vases, lamps, terracotta figurines. In the manufacturing of exactly the same small picture of ancient Greek amphorae, statues, sundials, masks anyone can try yourself. Anyone who wants to feel like a potter, can fulfill his/her dream of having worked for the potter's wheel under the guidance of an experienced master who will tell and show you how to do it.

The beginner of pottery can make product in Bosporus style, using clay, with which worked Greek masters. Thus, visitors will not only be able to see the process of creating ceramic products, learn something new about the ancient craft, but also to mold with their own hands and take home an original souvenir. Especially the workshops and excursions are popular among children and people with disabilities.



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