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“Marine curiosities” museum

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City of Crimea: Saki
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Saki region, t. Shtormovoe, st. Lenina, 8
Coordinates: 45.266822,33.085983
Type of tourists point: Museums and galleries


The "Marine curiosities" museum in Shtormovoe town was created by the efforts of the family Lopakovs in order to attract people's attention to environmental issues and pollution of the Black Sea.

The museum's exhibits are raised from the sea by storms and thrown on the beach driftwood, bottles, toys, shoes and other such items, "processed" by the sea and overgrown with seaweed, shellfish ... At the same time, they are transformed into new, amazing, fantastic "creatures" which are offered to see (and even - to guess) for visitors.

The informative and exciting exhibition creates a great emotional mood, and a tour to the museum turns into a fascinating journey into the tale of the Black Sea. All sorts of eccentric museum characters help to learn more about the animal and plant world of the Black Sea, the problems of its ecological system created by negligent and irresponsible attitude of people.

The tour takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and learn all to be responsible towards the world. Museum visitors will see and understand that our concern about the sea - is a concern for the common and single for all humanity oceans of planet Earth. And the sea itself is a unique creator and designer, which gives people the inspiration for creativity and good, useful things.

Children spending time within the wonderful atmosphere of the museum and seeing its exhibits will cherish and love nature. For some of them it will be the impetus for the creative imagination development.

Museum "Marine curiosities" takes part in a variety of environmental, cultural and scientific activities and receives into its exhibits’ collection any "marine curiosities" from indifferent to the environmental problem people to expand their exposure. Traveling exhibitions are also held.



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