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Battle Glory room of 9 Heroes of the Soviet Union

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City of Crimea: Kerch
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Kerch, t. Geroevskoe
Coordinates: 45.136931,33.747513
Type of tourists point: Museums and galleries


The museum was opened on November 6, 1977. At the origin of its creation were school teachers: Bykovskikh Vasily Petrovich, Vlasov Alexandera Alexandrovna, Kucheriavaja Svetlana Petrovna.

The main initiator of the museum is the former chairman of a collective farm named after Voykov, combatant of the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Akimovich Vlasov. The collective farm was able to allocate funds for the creation of a museum, paid work, graphic designers, purchased necessary materials.

People's Artist of Ukraine L. Labenyuk wrote portraits of 9 Heroes of the Soviet Union. Group of artists headed by Honored Artist of USSR Ivan Sergeyevich Petrov created a canvas of 2.2 m to 8 m and a substantive ground of 10 square meters, which shows a wide panorama of the battle in April 1944.

Letters from relatives, personal belongings of soldiers, helmets, weapons all that was the work of search groups contained of heroic high school students.

Over the years, thousands of visitors have visited the museum. There were delegations of foreign countries from Ethiopia, Syria, Palestine, as well as guests from different countries of the former Soviet Union.

The museum tells the story of a fighting way of the 2nd Guards Army of the 19th tank corps, which among other armies and connections released Saki region of Crimea from Nazi invaders.



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