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Underwater cave Legenda

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City of Crimea: Novyi Svet
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Sudak, t. Novyj Svet
Coordinates: 44.817474,34.898765
Type of tourists point: Cave and cave cities

Republic of Crimea, c. Sudak, t. Novyj Svet



The underwater cave Legenda is located in the Novyj Svet district, behind Kob-Kaja cape. The entry is possible only from the sea side.

The official cave’s name is Legenda (Legend). The local citizens call it the cave of Fidel.

The diver from Novyj Svet Fidel Ivanovich Hadyko used to take to that cave several groups of extreme lovers a day. No one knew the labyrinths better than he did. That is the reason why the local citizens started to call the cave that way.

It is not exactly known when the cave was discovered. Even professional speleologists cannot tell for sure. But every Novyj Svet boatman will happily tell you that the film «amphibian-man» was shot there.

There is a break-ups gallery, a lake, stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. Walking a few meters along the underwater tunnel, you will find yourself in a narrow fault of the first cave. Then, there begins the rise to the Legenda’s depth. The fascinating performance with vivid underwater life images is played in front of your eyes in torch lights.

The temperature of air in the cave is permanent and it is +11 degrees, the temperature of water is +5 degrees. That is a colossal difference with the red-hot heat of the rocky paths.

To enter the cave, one should dive and swim 2 meters in a stone tunnel. It is better to go there with the experienced guides and diving instructors.


Republic of Crimea, c. Sudak, t. Novyj Svet



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