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Fish and fishing museum

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City of Crimea: Alupka
Adress: 32 Gorkogo street, Feodosiya, Republic of Crimea
Coordinates: (45.024113, 35.389409)
Type of tourists point: Museums and galleries


On May 27, 2015 the Museum of fish and fishery products was opened In Feodosia. Here the fishing culture has been developing since ancient times. In the first half of the twentieth century (in 1929) on the basis of a number of small artisanal fishing economy "The wave of the revolution" first took its place. One of the expositions is dedicated to the traditions of fishermen of Feodosiya. It tells the story of the glorious traditions of fishermen, about the unique fisherwoman, who in 1944 revived the fish farm "Wave of revolution" which was ravaged during the occupation of the Crimea in the Great Patriotic War. The exposition demonstrates the exhibits "fish farm" Wave of revolution ", which dshow us how significantly improved the work of the fisherman for the past nine decades and how hard it was before.

Also there are expositions in the museum, vividly telling about fishing from prehistoric times to the present day, gathered in 56 countries: Russia, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Norway, Japan, Peru and other countries. Visiting the museum, you can see the images of fish and fishermen in works of art, on coins, banknotes, different cups and everyday utensils. There is also fishing gear, clothing, utensils and household items with the image of the fish symbology, samples of Russian fish products and other countries.

All the exhibits are provided by a local citizen Michael Kumantsov. He has been collecing the items for the collection scrupulously for more than 20 years, and he travelled the globe to get them. Michael Kumantsov restaurated  place provided by the city administration for the museum of fish and fishery products at his own expense


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