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Aj-Petri mountain

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City of Crimea: Yalta
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Yalta
Coordinates: 44.449301, 34.056291
Type of tourists point: Rocks and mountains

Republic of Crimea, Yalta


44.449301, 34.056291


Aj-Petri mountain is the most popular mountain of the Crimean south coast.

Aj-Petri translates from Greek as Saint Peter. This mountain is generally accepted as the symbol of the Crimea. Its height is 1234 meters above sea level. Aj-Petri jags create four big (12-15 m. high) and a row of small sheer peaks, appeared due to reef limestone’s weathering. The amazing view on the mountain, opening from the observation ground and other plateau’s points, attracts tourists, coming there by bikes, by cars and on foot. There are so many interesting and unusual things – these landscapes can be seen in some science fiction films. An outstanding panorama of big Yalta opens in front of you, when you climb Aj-Petri’s plateau.

There is an observation cave Trehglazka or Ledjanaja (Three-eyed or Icy), with huge accumulation of ice, in the central part of the plateau, not far from Aj-Petri jags. Inside the cave there is an underground lake with the square about 300 s.m. Thousand-year common yew grows near the Main ridge’s precipice, on the forest border. Further stands “Pine-plane” – a tree with flat crown. Very impressive and spectacular excursion is accomplished by the cableway “Mishor-Aj-Petri”. The lower station “Mishor” is located on the height of 80 m. above sea level, and the upper is on 1176 m. The road takes 20 minutes.



Republic of Crimea, Yalta


44.449301, 34.056291


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