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Generalskoe settlement and ancient winery

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City of Crimea: Alupka
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Leninsky district, Novootradnoe town
Coordinates: 45.45863, 36.120763
Type of tourists point: Museums and galleries

Republic of Crimea, Leninsky district, Novootradnoe town


The settlement was located at cape with visible rocks: one is similar to the arch, and the other resembling woman's head. The area of the settlement is about one and a half hectares. It existed until IV-III centuries BC and was burned during the war. The settlement was framed from the south side by ditches and ramparts. It was surrounded by a stone defensive wall with height of 5 meters with a quadrangular towers up to 16 meters high. At the approaches to it on the tops of the coastal ridge were the fort and watchtowers. Itserved as the trading post and fort at the same time.

There was a complex of economic and religious buildings surrounded by fortifications. The basis of the complex is one- and two-stored houses with courtyards, shopping holes and winery. Archaeologists discovered and unearthed there granary of cylindrical shape about five meters deep and one hundred cubic meters capacity. Under the ruins was a sanctuary with altars and sacrificial table.

There was a real winery with bowls and round gutters to drain the wine. The remains of a round bowl and two very well-preserved troughs can be seen now.

Thanks to the work of archaeologists there can be observed almost completely preserved complex of winery. By the way, this winery was found relatively recently - in 2001. It is still possible to find pieces of amphorae and pithoi.



Republic of Crimea, Leninsky district, Novootradnoe town


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