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Monument to the Crimean-Tatar architecture Tash-Khan

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City of Crimea: Belogorsk
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Belogorsk, Lunacharskogo str.
Coordinates: 45.057262, 34.605353
Type of tourists point: Other

Republic of Crimea, Belogorsk, Lunacharskogo str.


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Large, Top Tash-Khan, according to some sources, was erected in the XV century at the behest of, and possibly at the expense of the Grand Vizier of Shirin dynasty. Big Tash-Khan in sizes and views resembled a fortress. The perimeter of its stone walls, according to Evliya Çelebi, was 400 large steps. So, Tash-Khan area reached 10,000 square meters. Inside this beautiful and powerful fortifications with loopholes, the two iron gates and four corner watchtowers, which are in dangerous moments could be turned into a defensive tower were located on two floors 120 rooms for visitors, a well with drinking water, warehouses and beautiful mosque without a minaret.

The rectangular building of Tash-Khan on the western side had a massive arch-entry, on which at the height of the second floor was a rectangular window. Smooth walls of two floors height have been carefully laid out from stones of irregular shape. Ground floor was dull, but the top had battlements. The thickness of the walls of the second floor reached 150 cm. Inside the caravanserai was a vast courtyard, on the perimeter of which were located the two-stored vaulted rooms: the lower was intended for animals, the top - for dwelling.

Not far from the Big Tash-Khan settled a Small or Lower Tash-Khan of Shirin Bey, built in the XVII century. Lower Tash-Khan was erected by the plan of vizir market, but was much smaller. On its north side, in the center there was a gate in the form of arches keeled forms. At the level of the second floor has a window with bars. The walls were lined with stones of irregular shape and angles - hewn stones. Within the walls of the second floor were loopholes on the north-eastern and south-eastern corners rose the towers, roofs were covered with tiles.

In the caravanserai was concentrated a significant portion of the trading life of the city and a large proportion of the entire peninsula trade. It traded bread, wine, weapons, fine clothing, carpets, fabrics, utensils, animal products. To the east of the Tash-Khan was located avred-bazar – a slave market. The goods were imported and transported by numerous caravans.

Today, a monument to the Crimean-Tatar architecture Tash-Khan is in ruins, and there are preserved only the gates and a part of the adjacent wall.



Republic of Crimea, Belogorsk, Lunacharskogo str.


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