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Ancient burial place of saints Kyrk Cholpan

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City of Crimea: Sudak
Adress: Republic of Crimea, Sudak, Lenin str., 27
Coordinates: 45.57639,33.57361
Type of tourists point: Other

Republic of Crimea, Sudak,  Lenin str., 27


Saint places and saint people’s cult is an integral part of centuries-old culture of Crimean-Tartar people. Crimean sanctuaries show ancient history of the peninsula. Almost in every settlement there were shrines (so called aziz er). Every aziz has its own history, peculiarity and magical power. People hold a service visiting such places, asking Allah for cure.

Kyrk Cholpan town is one of shrines. The first mentions of the town are dated by 1741. The town was situated in two kilometers from Alkech town (now Alekseevka town). There was a masque with tall minaret, four wells and a madrasah. At present day there is only ruined cemetery on that place. In ancient times saints of Kyrk Cholpan were buried in that cemetery.

In 2006 a monument to aziz was produced and installed by late sculpture Iljami Ametov. In 2012 the monument was destroyed.

In the same year tombstones on saints’ graves were reconstructed. The author of that tombstones was Alexander Lukjanov –  Iljami Ametov’s student. Now in Kyrk Cholpan town there are two monuments instead of one. They say that even small-term staying there may have health-improving and preventive effects. Those who visit the place has health, success and good luck.



Republic of Crimea, Sudak,  Lenin str., 27


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