Church-lighthouse of St. Nicholas of Myra

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City of Crimea: Alushta
Adress: The republic of Crimea, Alushta, Malorechenskoe village, Dizha str., 17
Coordinates: 44.758004 34.561917
Type of tourists point: Churches and cathedrals

The republic of Crimea, Alushta, Malorechenskoe village, Dizha str., 17
Phone number: +7 (978)879-56-52


The real architectural pearl of the Black Sea coast is the church of St. Nicholas of Myra.  Construction began in 2004 with the support of Russian and Ukrainian sponsors, and on May 15, 2007, His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr, together with Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea Lazarus and Archbishop Augustine of Lvov and Galicia, performed the order of consecration of the church.  Currently, services are held here, the temple is open to all visitors. 

The architect of the temple project was the People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Gaydamak.  According to him, the village of Malorechenskoe acquired a unique architectural structure that has no analogues in the country.  Indeed, the temple of St. Nicholas admires with its beauty and grandeur.  Its total height is 60 meters, but on a steep bank, the structure seems to be a beacon hovering above the sea surface for all the misguided, searching and suffering.  The mention of the lighthouse is not accidental, it is not just a metaphor, and it is the second interesting fact.  The dome of the church of St. Nicholas is made in the form of a gilded ball, inside which is the equipment of the operating lighthouse that gives a ray of hope to all who are lost in the sea.  And this is very symbolic, because the temple is built as a monument to all people who died on the waters. 

The temple is named (and, according to church terminology, it is consecrated) in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra, with him, in the existing numerous legends, the salvation of sailors is associated during storms and shipwrecks.  Nicholas the Wonderworker is considered to be the closest intercessor to God, a patron of sailors, children and all who need help.  Everywhere you can see the image of the cross.  Thus, the facades of the temple in the upper part form four crosses, in each of which in the technique of Byzantine mosaics are laid out images of the Athonite icon of the Mother of God, St. Nicholas of Myra, the Yaroslavl Oranta "Sign" and the Virgin-Cover.  The spherical dome of the church is also crowned with a cross, but not simple, but an equilateral Greek or, as it is also called, a heraldic cross.  The doors of the temple, made by carvers of wood carving, are also abundantly decorated with crosses. 

The basis of the wooden ornament is the Andreevsky cross - the symbol of the martyrdom of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called.  This saint, as well as St. Nicholas of Myra, is the patron saint of sea trade, fishermen and sailors.  And it is no accident that Peter the First used the St. Andrew's cross as the basis of the flag of the navy.  And you can admire the most beautiful iconostasis in the form of a cross inside the temple that is made of wood and covered with gilding.  When you look at the interior of the temple of St. Nicholas of Myra, his frescoes on biblical themes, mosaic floors made of granite of different colors, stained glass windows, you will find many crosses.  The Church of St. Nicholas is not only a religious building, a lighthouse, but also a museum.  It is a part of the Memorial Complex "In Memory of the Dead on the Waters".  The complex includes an arbor in the form of the "Flying Dutchman", a memorial wall and the Museum of Disasters on the Waters, located in the basement of the temple.  The Church of St. Nicholas in Malorechenskoe is really worth to visit, and perhaps more interesting facts about this amazing place will be opened to you.


The republic of Crimea, Alushta, Malorechenskoe village, Dizha str., 17
Phone number: +7 (978)879-56-52


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