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Italian military cemetery

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City of Crimea: Sevastopol
Adress: c. Sevastopol, Gasfort mountain
Coordinates: 44.532575,33.666282
Type of tourists point: Other

c. Sevastopol, Gasfort mountain


Italian (Sardinian) military cemetery is a cemetery dating from the time of the first defense of Sevastopol. The Sardinian Kingdom was on the ally side during the Crimean war. The Sardinian corps, having fifteen thousand soldiers, under marquis lieutenant general Alfons La-Marmor command, took part in the combat operations on the 6th of June 1855, in the course of Sevastopol defense’s storm, and then in Chernorechenski battle.

During the siege the Sardinians had lost 2 194 people, but only 28 of them were killed. The diseases were much more worse than actions. The dead were buried in the nearest villages, but in 1882, the Italians reburied their compatriots on Gosfort mountain, on the top of which was built a chapel, according to the Italian engineer Gerardini’s project. Unfortunately, the necropolis and the chapel were destroyed during the World War II, due to the serious actions, but the place is still defined.


c. Sevastopol, Gasfort mountain


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