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State residence №3 «Malaja sosnovka»

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City of Crimea: Yalta
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Yalta , t. Massandra
Coordinates: 44.526084,34.209141
Type of tourists point: Other

Republic of Crimea, c. Yalta , t. Massandra


The residence «Malaja sosnovka» consists of two main objects: I.V. Stalin’s House and the pavilion «Shater» («domed tent»). The residence existence was secret during soviet period. It was not even seen from the space, because it was surrounded by the mountain chain and the age-long pines.

The residence possesses 30 hectares of woodland and it is 600 meters above sea level far from any settlement.

I.V. Stalin’s House was built in 1949. It was made in the Moscow factory «Lux» and delivered to the Crimea knocked-down.

The interior of Stalin’s study was preserved the way it looked in 1949: leather armchairs and chairs by Moscow furniture fabric, chandelier made of bronze and frosted glass.

The banquet hall was visited by many politic activists from various countries at different times. The latest time there was served a dinner for 21 persons during the reception of Swedish king Karl the XVI with Queen Sevelia.

In the bedroom, which further was redesigned to a negotiation room, in 1922 a meeting of Russian president B. Elcin and Ukrainian president L. Kravchuk on the Black Sea Fleet division subject  took place.

I.V. Stalin’s House has historical value and appears to be a unique museum at the present moment.

The pavilion «Shater» was built in 1974 by the personal order of L.I. Brezhnev and was used for the informal reception of friendly countries’ leaders during Crimean meetings conduction. The pavilion consists of two halls – the negotiation and the banquet.  It has sliding glass doors. Tuff, granite and fine woods are used in house decorating.  

Since 2015 I.V. Stalin’s House and The pavilion «Shater» are opened for the visitors.
The excursion duration is 1,5-2 hours.



Republic of Crimea, c. Yalta , t. Massandra


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