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Shatilov estate

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City of Crimea: Alupka
Coordinates: (45.49703,34.878701)
Type of tourists point: Other


Republic of Crimea, Nizhnegorskij region, t. Cvetushhee, st. Kalinina, 8


Shatilov estate is an architectural complex, which was built in the middle of the XIX century on the territory of Cvetushhee town, Nizhnegorskij region. The first owner was Iosif Nikolaevich Shatilov – Councilor of State, a member of Imperial Moscow agricultural society. Shativov created exemplary housekeeping in his estate.

After revolution there was an office.

During Great Patriotic War there were German field headquarters.  

There are preserved three storage rooms: guest house, grain store and former carriage house (built in 1888). On the building pediment one can see letters, every brick has a mark, and marseille tiling is decorated not only with plant owner’s surname, bit also tells about the place of origin “Gorbachev” from “Sejtler” or “Chucha. Fell”.

Shatilov estate is a place where traditionally an art exhibition is held. In that exhibition take part 35 artists and sculptures. Yong and experienced talented masters represent more than two hundred craftworks and canvases of different genres.   

Shatilov estate is a “zest” of the region, a place, which is good for excursions and recreation. Thanks to conducted there events, citizens and visitors of the peninsula can learn more about Nizhnegorskij region’s history and its potential.

Shatilov estate is a part of culturally-ethnographic tourist route, which includes such sights as Nizhnegorskij museum of local lore, martyr Victor’s church and memorable sign to field marshal Lassi and many others.